Saturday, September 24, 2011

Uber Update!


It's been a year and much has happened so strap yourselves yourselves in and make sure you have something to write with because there's lots to cover.

First on the agenda: The etsy shop is now open!

Triple M Apparel is now online and currently selling on etsy. You can view, favorite and purchase all the decon/recon items featured on the blog, usually within a couple days of seeing it here!

Second: First Triple M photoshoot with the incomparable Tiffany Egbert!

You may remember TiffanyE from our previous photoshoot where we got to play dress-up for Kitten Paws Vintage, her online vintage clothing line. In addition to being a vintage-finding maven, Tiffany also dabbles in photography (obv) and graphic design, which you can check out for yourself at her personal site linked above, the KP etsy and facebook. She has done exquisite work for us and I can't wait to get the opportunity to to collab with her again.

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