Thursday, December 29, 2011

Busy holiday

This semester kept me busy but after acing the shit outta my finals, I found some time (despite my waning sewing machine's best attempts at thwarting me) to finally start and finish some pieces...

Navy drop-shoulder tunic
Formerly a mens XL sweater, this is sweater is soooo comfortable and looks great with jeans.

Candy-apple Wide-V blouse
Formerly a mens XXL long-sleeve tee, it's got a wide v-neck collar that sits far on the shoulders.

Lime drop-shoulder sweater
Drop-shoulders have become one of my favorite things to make. They're perfect for AZ winters. Formerly a mens small A&F.

Coffee cascade sweater
The first thing I've done entirely from scratch. I bought some ridiculously soft material from SAS for scarves and wound up making this instead.

Indigo button cardi
I saw a girl wearing something like this in the library and decided to make one myself. Formerly a mens large.

Cream cowl
Next to drop-shoulders, cowl neck shirts are my favorite. Though it was second hand, the original shirt had the tags attached and the sticker on the front that said "XXL". Again, this thing is stupid soft.

Platinum cowl
Did I mention I like cowls?


PEE ESS: My mother is incredibly supportive of my becoming more domestic and so I got a beautiful, expensive new sewing machine for Christmas. Expect great things in the future...

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